What We Believe

Upholding the Protestant conviction of Sola Scriptura (“Bible only”), the 28 Fundamental Beliefs describe how Seventh-day Adventists interpret Scripture for daily application.

Core Beliefs

The following are the 6 categories that contain the 28 Fundamental Beliefs of the Adventist Church.

You can read more about the beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church at https://www.adventist.org/beliefs/.

#1 God

Our Creator God is love, power and splendor. He is three-in-one, mysterious and infinite—yet He desires an intimate connection with humanity. He gave us the Bible as His Holy Word, the Bible, so we could learn more about Him and build a relationship with Him.  

#2 Humanity

Lovingly designed as perfect beings, God created humans in His own image with free will and dominion over the earth. But sin crept in through temptation by Satan, the Devil. Now humanity’s perfection is tarnished, our bodies and minds corrupted. Our once-idyllic world continues to be in a constant struggle between good and evil.

Fortunately, God had a plan to redeem humanity through His Son, Jesus Christ. He will ultimately have victory over sin and death and restore us and our earth to its original state of beauty and perfection.

#3 Salvation

Even before the creation of the earth, there was war between good and evil. Lucifer, a once-perfect and highly-regarded being, became jealous of God and wished for higher position. When God did not give him what he wanted, He became Satan. He accused God of being unfair.

Satan then led astray one-third of heaven’s angels, and God had to cast them out. To seek revenge on God, Satan began attacking His precious new creation—the earth. Knowing that humans were created with free will, He tempted them to rebel against God’s loving guidance.

But God knew this didn’t have to be the end of humanity’s story. He demonstrated just how much He loves us by sending His own Son, Jesus Christ, to die in humanity’s place, to bear the ultimate punishment sin brings (Romans 6:23, John 3:16).

However, it still comes down to choice. God never wanted forced allegiance. The option is ours. We can succumb to sin and choose to live for ourselves, or we can choose to accept Jesus’ sacrifice, follow Him, and get to know Him. And if we choose Him, He promises to guide us with His Holy Spirit and will never forsake us.

#4 Church

As imperfect as humanity is, God still gives us the privilege of being part of His work. In doing this, we are His Church, or the Body of Christ, all with different spiritual gifts to contribute. He encourages us to meet together, support one another, and serve together.

#5 Daily Living

Additionally, by being a Christian and following God, we answer His call to be stewards of the earth until He returns. That also includes taking care of ourselves, caring for our minds and bodies which in turn nourishes our spirit.

#6 Restoration (End Times)

Christ’s return is near, meaning the final judgment of humanity, the destruction of the wicked, the end of death and sin, and the redemption of those who accept the gift of God’s salvation. And that’s not the end of the story. We will enjoy a millennium in heaven and the restoration of our earth to the paradise it once was, for us to enjoy for eternity while communing face to face with God.

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